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Futfut - en herlig sweater til togglade unger

My youngest son is incredibly enamoured by trains, and thus decided that I needed to knit him a ”train sweater”. After agreeing to his request, he followed the work closely and asked how far I had gotten several times per day, and even brought me the sweater if I dared knit something else for a while.
The result of all this is Futfut - a fantastic little train sweater. It is a lightweight sweater, but warm and comfortable, and quick to knit, as only part of the sweater features stranded knitting. The graphical element with the tracks can easily carry the sweater alone, if you don’t want the train driving around the body. But for all girls and boys who love trains, this sweater is a must-have.nike sb stefan janoski earth red color code 71069

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2 yo/92 cl (4 yo/104 cl) 6 yo/116 cl (8 yo/128 cl) 10 yo/140 cl
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Sierpień 2016