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Borgen - a beatiful sweater with a round yoke

Christiansborg Castle located on The Royal Dockyard in the centre of Copenhagen, houses the Danish parliament, the Supreme Court and the Ministry of the State. An imposing building, which has burned down and has been rebuilt more than once. Some would call it the centre of power, but there is also a sense that this building belongs to the people. You can walk across the castle square to the riding ground and stables, you can eat in the restaurant located in the tower or just enjoy the view. The latest addition is a ring of large granite spheres placed around the perimeter of the castle square as a ward against terrorism – a beautiful addition that just had to form the pattern of the hem of this nike jordan fusions Shadow Pale Ivory Celestial Gold CI0919-101 – Buy Best Price Adidas&Nike Sport Sneakers

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2020, August