Nussemus (Cuddle mice)

Anybody might need a little bit of knitted love sometimes. “Project nussemus" (project cuddle mouse) is a newly launched project where knitters join together to knit adorable, little mice for children who could use the friendship of a little, woolly mouse to help them through a difficult time.

In cooperation with local yarn shops across the Denmark, Filcolana and knitwear designer Annette Danielsen have launched this little mousy, knitting project.

Right now we have a big pile of yarn and a pattern for the cute little rodent. What we are in need of is nimble fingered knitters who can transform the two into woolly mice to the delight of children.

The plan is simple:
- You fetch 2 skeins of yarn at one of the many yarn stores that are involved in the project, as well as the pattern.
- You knit a mouse with the yarn and return it to the store.
- We distribute the mice to children who could use a little “nussemus” (cuddle mouse).

So far there are plans in motion to distribute the mice to the following places:
Shelters - There are currently agreements with Aarhus, Copenhagen and Herning.
Foreningen Savn - a charity helping children and relatives of incarcerated.
Red Cross
We have selected places where we think children who could use a Nussemus are to be found.

Knitters who have left over or extra yarn, are of course more than welcome to knit nussemus from this as well. The pattern for the Nussemus can be found below.

Filcolana sponsors the yarn, Annette Danielsen has designed the Nussemus and local yarn stores are helping with the distribution of yarn and collection of finished mice. And you as the knitter can help knit the mice.

From Friday the 17th, yarn and pattern can be collected at the following locations:

Saxogade 77
1662 København V

Vesterbrogade 180
1800 Frederiksberg C

Rasmilla Garn & Strik
Hallandsgade 3
2300 København S

Hvidovrevej 324
2650 Hvidovre

Tot og Tråd
Rosenkildevej 2
3000 Helsingør

Kongensgade 7
3550 Slangerup

Snellemark 19
3700 Rønne

Fredsminde Unika Design
Ågårdsvej 26
3782 Klemensker

Stationsvej 101
4241 Vemmelev

Smedelundsgade 34
4300 Holbæk

Marens Hus
Oddenvej 202
4500 Nykøbing Sjælland

Butikken ved højen
Søgårdsvej 12
4550 Asnæs

Algade 19
4760 Vordingborg

Mille Marengs
Slotsgade 5
4800 Nykøbing Falster

Brandts Passage 23
5000 Odense C

Allerup Strik
Allerup Bygade 52
5220 Odense SØ

Søndergade 19
5450 Otterup

Garniture Middelfart
Østergade 6
5500 Middelfart

Ovnhusvej 3, Føns
5580 Nørre Åby

Fies Strik
Albertslykke 10
5985 Søby Ærø
Lindegade 23
6070 Christiansfeld

Dalsgaard Garn
Nørregade 28
6100 Haderslev

Fru Kamp
Klostergade 18
6622 Bække

Postvej 29, Rindby
6720 Fanø

Ho Strik
Hovej 21
6857 Blåvand

Dalsgaard Garn
Nørregade 29
7100 Vejle

Fonnesbechsgade 2
7400 Herning

Uldsund strik og design
Ulfsundvej 25
7660 Bækmarksbro

1000 ting
Thylandsgade 20
7755 Bedsted

Garnlageret Århus
Rosenkrantzgade 31
8000 Århus C

Rosensgade 49
8300 Odder

Stillingvej 509
8462 Harlev J

Grenåvej 660
8541 Skødstrup

Løndalvej 6, Vinding
8654 Bryrup

Nynne & Co
Stationsvej 5
8722 Hedensted

Rådhustorvet 2A
8900 Randers

Kates Garn & Kunsthåndværk
Torvegade 4C
8963 Auning

Rantzausgade 5
9000 Ålborg C

Boulevarden 9
9000 Ålborg

Wiberg Strik
Vestergade 13
9300 Sæby

Himmerlandsgade 72
9600 Aars

Hønsestrik i Fjerrislev
Østergade 14
9690 Fjerritslev
Søndergade 21
9900 Frederikshavn
Living By Vanja
HC Ørstedvej 18
9900 Frederikshavn 




Henriettas Garn & Kläder
Rådhusgatan 7
371 34 Karlskrona

Bergstraat 33
2220 Heist-op-den-Berg


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