Dear knitters and crocheters

We a happy to present a new yarn, and hope you will give "Tiliaa warm reception. Tilia is a gorgeous mix of glossy mulberry silk surrounded by a cloud of the lightest kid mohair. On the technical side Tilia is a fine, worsted spun and brushed yarn. You can of course knit Tilia on its own, but we recommend knitting it held together with one of our other yarns. New Zealand lammeuld and Indiecita are wonderful held together with Tilia.

Nanna Gudmand-Høyer


a Bohus inspired kids sweater
Rachel Søgaard

I’ve been very interested in the beautiful Bohus sweaters for a long time. The amazing designs were originally created in Bohuslän (now Vestre Gøtaland) in Sweden and the original sweaters were knitted on very small needles.

a cardigan with a cabled yoke
Signe Strømgaard

This designs has two of my favorites - cables and a round yoke.

en tumledragt med yndige detaljer
Sanne Bjerregaard

En dejlig tumledragt med fint mønster ved anklerne og på bærestykket. En skøn dragt til en lille ny.

A sweet baby vest
Sanne Bjerregaard

A sweet baby vest with lovely details.

a lovely pair of baby pants with sweet details
Sanne Bjerregaard

A lovely pair of baby pants with sweet details at the ankles and around the waist.

a sweet set for the littlest ones
Signe Strømgaard

In Norway it’s traditional to knit a little set of clothes especially for bringing home your newborn baby from the hospital. I fondly remember knitting little baby clothes while waiting for my own babies to be born, so I though the idea of a bringing home outfit was really lovely.

a lovely short sleeved tunic
Hanna Maciejewska

A gorgeous tunic with a lovely lace pattern down the back, inspired by the cascading water of a waterfall. The tunic is worked from the top down, and is completely seamless.

a simple cardigan
Nanna Gudmand-Høyer

I never go anywhere without a woolly cardigan. Not even to the tropics. So when I was getting ready for a trip with my family to Vietnam and Cambodia, I decided I had to knit myself a light and airy cardigan.

a baby vest with lovely cables
Sanne Bjerregaard

The loveliest little babyvest with a sweet little cable on the front - the perfect place for little buttons to fit.

baby leggins with lovely cable
Sanne Bjerregaard

Lovely baby leggings with a cable down one leg.

a lovely pair of baby pants
Sanne Bjerregaard

A lovely pair of baby pants with sweet cables at the ankles and around the waist.

a short sleeved tunic
Hanna Maciejewska

A lovely tunic with a gorgeous lace panel to keep the girls warm where it counts.
The design is worked from the top down and is completely seamless.

a slip stitch cowl
Mathilde Nørgaard

A lovely cowl in a gorgeous slip stitch pattern.

an ellipsoid crocheted cowl
Stine Gudmand-Høyer

The cowl can be crocheted in soft wool or in the beautiful but a bit more rough Gotlandsk Pelsuld. The cowl has a neutral color broken by a wide stripe in a contrasting color. This enhances the diagonal and is an easy way to add interest.

a cardigan with a Dutch tile pattern
Rachel Søgaard

A beautiful and light, patterned cardigan in the most gorgeous colors, that makes you think of Dutch tiles.

a knitted blanket in 36 colours
Karen S. Lauger

The yarns from Filcolana has long been some of my favorites, and one of the reasons for this is their many and beautiful colours.

a cardigan with elongated stitches
Signe Strømgaard

The more I knit with Genuine Greenland Wool, the more I grow to love this yarn.

a simple, soft sweater
Rachel Søgaard

Sometimes all a gorgeous yarn needs is a simple design, to help it realise its full potential.
In this design the soft kid mohair, the silk and the alpacca play the main role - backed by lovely details such as broken rib and highlighted side and raglan seams.

a fine cardigan in narrow stripes
Hanne Pjedsted

A gorgeous cardigan with a round yoke and lovely little details. Hyben has a lovely feminine fit, as it has bust dart and neck shaping.

a rib hat
Janne Højfeldt

A lovely, warm har designed with a twist of luxury in the form of the Tilia mohair yarn, which is held together with Peruvian Highland Wool while knitting the crown of the hat.

a poncho with giga cables
Charlotte Kaae

I really love decorating knitting a creating new textures. For this design I’ve played around with i-cord and cables.

a slip stich jacket
Katrine Wohllebe

A warm jacket with pockets in a simple yet exciting slip stitch pattern. A fun and quick knit, and a warm and cosy knit for cold days. A definite candidate for favorite sweater.

a crocheted hat in rib
Sidsel Sangild

An easy hat in crochet rib pattern is always useful. It is easy and fast to crochet and wonderful to wear in this light and warm yarn combination.

a long cardigan
Luise Bjerre

My daughter asked me if I would knit her a long cardigan, and so I did. It is worked with one strand of Naturgarn - a chunky, soft wool yarn, and one strand of Tilia - a lovely, fluffy kid mohair and silk yarn.

a big, bold and beautiful crocheted shawl
Stine Gudmand-Høyer

A large crocheted shawl in a simple, open textured pattern. Use it around your shoulders as a stola, as a mini plaid or a scarf.

a light cowl
Stine Gudmand-Høyer

A very light cowl with diagonal stripes, hinting at an arrow shape (pil means arrow in Danish). The design is worked in two different yarns: Lambs wool and kid mohair, both of which are very warm and soft.