Dear knitters and crocheters 


Welcome to our new website. We hope you like it. 


The website is meant as inspiration for what you can use our yarns for. The yarns can be bought at your local yarn store - or online, if you do not have af local yarn store carrying Filcolana's yarns - yet. 


We are still working on the site, and although it is already a vast improvement on our old one, there is still much work to be done. For one thing, we will be adding more English and German translations of our patterns. In the meantime we hope you will bear with the shortcomings. Please feel free to drop by and see what’s new. 



Nanna Gudmand-Høyer 



an elegant ”tube” with cables
Sanne Bjerregaard

This is actually just a tube - but it’s a very elegant tube with lovely cables and dropped stitches.

a tunic knit in Gotlandsk pelsuld
Rachel Søgaard

The tunic is worked from the top down, so it is very easy to knit it longer if you would like to transform it into a dress.

a lovely sweater
Rachel Søgaard

Cinnia is an incredibly soft and springy yarn, which is really lovely to wear. The sweater is designed to be worn with tight trousers, so it has space to drape and flutter about the body.

a lace and cable cape
Rachel Søgaard

Which would you prefer - poncho or cape? The cape is worked from the top down, so it can very easily be extended and turned into a poncho.

et blødt halsrør
Stine Gudmand-Høyer

Halsrør strikket i et lækkert, blødt garn i 50 % bomuld og 50 % uld. Det kan bruges som sjal over skuldrene eller som tørklæde rundt om halsen året rundt.

elegant gloves
Karen S. Lauger

On a cool day it is glorious to be able to pull on a pair of gloves, which fit like… well a glove. I love gloves and mittens with pretty patterns on them, but I’m not always in the mood for fiddly stranded colour work.

en fed 80’er sweater
Hanne Pjedsted

En fed 80’er-inspireret sweater med en sjov lynlåsdetalje, kort og bred og super til enten jeans eller et kort skørt.