Dear knitters and crocheters

We a happy to present a new yarn, and hope you will give "Tiliaa warm reception. Tilia is a gorgeous mix of glossy mulberry silk surrounded by a cloud of the lightest kid mohair. On the technical side Tilia is a fine, worsted spun and brushed yarn. You can of course knit Tilia on its own, but we recommend knitting it held together with one of our other yarns. New Zealand lammeuld and Indiecita are wonderful held together with Tilia.

Nanna Gudmand-Høyer


små bløde babystøvler
Rachel Søgaard

Et par små hyggelig futter til de allermindste

Et strikket halstørklæde
Rachel Søgaard

Tørklædet er fint til skolebarnet og passer i længde til, at der bindes en enkelt knude. Skal tørklædet nå to gange om halsen, må der bruges et ekstra nøgle petrol.

a Bohus inspired sweater
Rachel Søgaard

I’ve been very interested in the beautiful Bohus sweaters for a long time. The amazing designs were originally created in Bohuslän (now Vestre Gøtaland) in Sweden and the original sweaters were knitted on very small needles.

a raglan sweater
Charlotte Kaae

A simple raglan sweater worked from the top down - the combination of yarns and the garter ridges are what make this design special.

an up and down bolero
Rachel Søgaard

I like both the Indiecita and the Tilia yarn very much, and together they are even more amazing! The alpaca creates a soft drape and the mohair a wonderful lightness, and in combination the two make the most wonderful and luxurious fabric.

a reversible cardigan
Signe Strømgaard

This design is inspired by two things. The first is the incredibly lovely colors the Gotlandsk Pelsuld yarn comes in. These colors have such wonderful depth and lustre.

a poncho-sweater in shades of red
Charlotte Kaae

This poncho-sweater design started with my love the musical universe of singer-song writer Tina Dicow. Her music from the album “In The Red” has been playing in my head all through the design and knitting of this sweater.

a crocheted cowl
Sidsel Sangild

A cowl where the stitches seem to trickle down on the stripes below.

a triangular crocheted shawl
Stine Gudmand-Høyer

A soft and light triangular scarf. The narrow ends makes it easy to tie in many different ways. The design makes it easy to crochet and it can be made in any size. The pattern uses UK terminology.

a slip stich baby blanket
Sanne Bjerregaard

Glimma is a lovely baby or pram blanket worked in a a slip stitch pattern, which means you only have to work with one color at a time.

a scarf with a cobble stone pattern
Janne Højfeldt

This scarf is worked in a combination of soft, woolly lambs wool and light, fluffy kid mohair, in an almost cobblestone like pattern consisting of slip stitch and garter stitch. The combination of yarns and the pattern creates a wonderfully warm, but also very light and airy scarf.

a palm leaf edged shawl
Luise Bjerre

A lovely shawl inspired by the palms of Gran Canaria. The edging is worked in the light-as-air Tilia (kid mohair and silk) in a lace pattern than resembles palm leaves.

a starry hat
Mathilde Nørgaard

I designed this hat in the break room at Børnehuset Emdrup Søgårds (a childrens day care center), as a consequence of seeing my coworkers with painfully red and cold ears on the playgrund.

a slip stich cowl
Luise Bjerre

A cowl knit in a distinctive slip stitch pattern - a very effective pattern, that is surprisingly simple to knit, as you are only working with one color at a time.

a reversible childrens cardigan
Karen S. Lauger

Krat is a children’s cardigan utilising the simple effect coming from changing colour in the ”middle” of a garter stitch ridge. It reminds me of the result of scratching through layers of oil crayons.

Et hækle tørklæde
Stine Gudmand-Høyer

Florlet og lækker blødt tørklæde hæklet i to garner – en tynd kid mohair og et blankt bomuld/uldgarn. Kid mohairen får lov til at træde tydeligt frem, fordi den lægger sig yderst.
Vælg samme farve i de to kvaliteter, eller sæt kontrasterende farver sammen.

et hæklet sjal
Stine Gudmand-Høyer

Hæklet, aflangt tørklæde med skrå ender, der gør tørklædet nemt at binde. Kan også bruges som sjal over skuldrene.

a very versatile piece of knitwear
Charlotte Kaae

In my opinion there is absolutely nothing better than an ultra long scarf that is long enough to be wrapped around the body as well.

et hæklet tørklæde
Sidsel Sangild

Her er leget med trekanter i et grafisk flot design.