A cloud of the lightest kid mohair

Our newest yarn Tilia is a gorgeous mix of glossy mulberry silk surrounded by a cloud of the lightest kid mohair. On the technical side Tilia is a fine, worsted spun and brushed yarn. You can of course knit Tilia on its own, but we recommend knitting it held together with one of our other yarns. New Zealand lammeuld and Indiecita are wonderful held together with Tilia.



The yarn will be available in the shops in the middle of December. The retailer list below will be updated, as soon as we start shipping the yarn.

Pernilla is a 3 ply worsted spun wool yarn. The yarn is spun from the same wool as our Peruvian Highland Wool. The yarn is particularly wonderful for the same types of knitting and crochet as our Peruvian Highland Wool: Cables, textures and stranded knitting and crochet.

Pernilla comes in 22 colours.

a classic colorwork sweater
Rachel Søgaard

Traditional colorwork sweater with a ”norwegian neckline”. A very easy knit in the lovely Peruvian Highland Wool.

a warm cardigan for little boys
Rachel Søgaard

A small cardigan knit in the softest yarn, with a sweet little slipped stitch pattern. Malte takes time to knit, but is worth the effort!

a warm vest for little boys
Rachel Søgaard

A small vest knit in the softest yarn, with a sweet little slipped stitch pattern. Mikkel takes time to knit, but is very much worth the effort.

a lovely, cabled baby blanket
Mathilde Nørgaard

The story of the ”Cedrus” design started the day one of my fellow students revealed to me, that her bulging belly was not just the result of her overindulging in the student cafe biscuits, but that she was in fact expecting a baby.

a kids cardigan with little doggies
Charlotte Kaae

This sweet little cardigan has a bit of a tough edge with the dog head around the yoke. Originally the little heads are not actually dogs, but cats as the pattern is called Kettunøsin, but to me they look more like little pointy-eared dogs.

a lovely three coloured lace shawl
Hanna Maciejewska

”Falochron” is Polish for the various wave breaking structures ones sees at the shore. This semi-circular to crescent-shaped shawl is designed for 3 colors of Arwetta. It is knit top down, mostly in garter st, with a wide two-colored slip-stitch border featuring a very easy lace pattern.

Et babytæppe med hulmønster
Sanne Bjerregaard

Enhver baby har brug for et lunt babytæppe. Her et fint babytæppe med et skønt hulmønster og en enkelt kant af retriller.

a cardigan with a lovely lace panel
Hanna Maciejewska

„Maricia” is knit top down seamlessly featuring raglan sleeves and a lovely lace panel on the back. Top it off with your favorite buttons in a matching or contrasting color and wear paired with dressy jeans, a narrow or wide-swinging skirt or an elegant sheath dress!

a cardigan with gorgeous cables
Signe Strømgaard

“Viva” is the second version of this design. The first to be born was the kids version Liva. Even before I started knitting little Liva, I knew that I wanted to make an grown up version of the design.

a gorgeous sweater in delicate colors
Rachel Søgaard

A cosy sweater, where the sweet yarn over pattern creates the shape of the yoke. The sweater is worked in one strand of soft alpaca and one strand of mohair - a combination that creates a soft, light and drapey sweater.

a bohus inspired hat
Rachel Søgaard

This lovely hat is designet using the same colorwork principles as the original Bohus sweaters, where purl stitches in the colorwork add to the depth and nuance of the design.